Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bogle Vineyards Phantom 2006

Day 1

Let's see... a blend of petite sirah, zin, and mourvedre. Sheesh, even the font screams "Prisoner copycat". Ah well, one could do worse than trying to copy the best red blend in Cali.

This wine has no legs, it just sheets. Odd.

Nice nose, but not very distinctive.

Harsh start, creamy berry flavored middle, nice smooth, sweet, flowery finish.

Lets dig deeper... (i.e. drink more).

It's just too raw at the start and I really can't pull out anything distinct, but the journey after that tells me the wine has some good things to offer. I don't get a lot of depth or complexity here - all the flavor is generic, obvious and on the surface.

Let's give it a day of breathing and see what happens. In the meantime suffice to say it's a 15 dollar supermarket wine, and for fifteen bucks please just go buy a bottle of The Turk. Sadly it's getting harder and harder to find The Turk. This is my sad face.

Also... Wincentric did a fairly positive review of this one. While I agree with him on the Tootsie Roll Pop finish, the rest seems to be all in his head. What's a "wine lover's wine" anyway? Is that kind of like saying the rest of you are to dumb to appreciate this well-marketed mediocrity? This reminds me of people who like Classico tomato sauce because the cheesy label and mason jar it comes in makes it seem "authentic". (Classico tastes like crap btw).

Too green and generic to be a solid table red. I don't recommend it, despite it's nice finish.

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