Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2007 Apothic Red

This is the second bottle I've uncorked, but my first time reviewing it. This should be tipping you off...

Anyway, not much of a nose. Some so-so legs.

GOD I LOVE THIS WINE. But perhaps that's b/c I love grapefruit. This is a grapefruit-ey wine. There's some roasted smokey berry tastes, but nothing to deep or meaty.

For the most part it's a light balanced start, some sweet with some sour.

Grapefruit-ey middle, then goes a bit green towards the finish.

It ends very light and sweet.

It's a blend of merlot, syrah, and red zin grapes. For me, the merlot and the syrah come through the most - it's mild fruitiness masks any spiciness the zin brings.

Super drinkable - definitely a LIGHT red table wine. This will NOT hold up against red meat or any spicy foods.

Gamblelynn had a similar review - I think we're on the same page with this one.

This was $9.99 bought on February 12th.

I strongly recommend this wine. It will easily stand up to table reds in the twenty to thirty dollar range.

Food accompaniment was stove-top unsalted popcorn (per usual) with the album Wood by Moxy Früvous.

Drink well!

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