Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IT management(ish) people I follow

The blog has clearly gotten quite stale. We'll see if I can post more. Towards that effort, here's a rundown of what I follow on the web on a semi-daily basis. Others may find this list helpful from an IT management perspective.

For this post, I'll stick to blogs and columns by single authors:
  • Bob Sutton: Bob wrote The No Asshole Rule and Good Boss, Bad Boss. Aside from his own excellent writings about management and leadership best practices, he's also a good source of book reviews.
  • John Halamka: John keeps up with his healthcare CEO blog with astonishing consistency. I tend to skim the more healthcare centric tech posts, but his insight into how he manages change and crisis should not be missed.
  • Scott Bradner: Another Harvard guy (in addition to John), Scott comes from the grand beard and suspenders tradition of data networking. His writing however offers fresh insights into security topics - mainly on a political / philosophical level.
  • John Kotter: John just started blogging for Forbes to cover leadership and change topics. His posts have videos of him talking (well produced). It's nice to see a business leadership expert from Kotter's generation that doesn't just spout Ayn Rand objectivist crap - especially on Forbes! (I'm pretty sure regular readers of Forbes online know who I'm talking about.)
  • Jonah Lehrer: Authors the "Frontal Cortex" column for Wired online. He picks great psychology topics.
  • Stan Barber: Stan's another old school network guru that's still at the front of pushing network technology. Not an especially regular poster however.
The list is notable for it's lack of diversity. Perhaps someone can convince Barbara White Bryson to start a column somewhere?

As far as the blog goes, I'm not really inclined to write anymore sushi, wine, or bike racing posts. My wine purchasing has dwindled to almost nothing (a topic for another day), the "sushi gang" sticks mainly to same standard places, and I'm not racing nearly as much. On occasion I'll try and throw in some notes here and there. It's worth pointing out that Kata Robata has gotten a lot busier on Friday nights!