Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Red Truck 2005

A classic. The go-to red wine for eating, sipping, canoodling, etc.

Red Truck was my first purchase way back in the day when I started down the road of California red table wine. In those days I refused to spend more than ten bucks for this hobby (then I got a taste of The Prisoner from Orin Swift and that plan when to crap). Whenever I see people staring blankly at the shelves of blended reds, I always point the newbies to Red Truck. I've owed this wine a review for a while now.

I just happened to pick up this bottle for $7.99 at Tarjey (or Target as it's also pronounced) back in early May. Tell your friends you paid $30, have them drink it, let them ooh and aah, and then be a douche by telling them how much you actually paid. Jerk!

Mild from beginning to end without being limp. Clean and fruity - not a smoky complex wine by any means. Really pleasant finish. Sometimes I swear it's not really made from grapes the consistency from bottle to bottle is so perfect.

They also make White Truck ( a white blend). However if God had meant us to drink white wine, urine jokes wouldn't be so popular in Ben Stiller movies.

If you absolutely have to spend more for a different go-to wine than this one, pick up The Turk.

Personal crap starts here so feel free to stop reading...

Okay...been a while between posts. Also some races never got 'capped. And I'm missing some pics. Everyone get on board my excuse train!

First things first - I finished 4th overall in the Texas Mountain Bike Championship Series for beginner 30-39 men.

I've upgraded to Sport - I think they revamped classes though so stay tuned.

Last race at X-Bar? DNF'ed by flatting twice. Yeah....rhymes with 'truck' and 'buck'. My finish for the preceding race at Lake Lake was mediocre with a finish somewhere in the middle. Apparently I can't carry a lot of speed through turns.

I was a wee tired after that. So no hotels, no eating out, no driving around TX, no running, and no mountain biking. I must confess I played a more than a little bit of World of Warcraft this summer. The only thing that saved me from a totally sessile existence was my daily bike commute to work. Sadly that's still probably more exercise than 99 percent of America gets.

I'm re-focusing on working with the Rice Cycling Team. Great folks - lots of people signed up this fall. To that end I've ordered a Madone 5.5 Pro. My first road ride in 15 years. Stay tuned for a review.

Oh yeah... Hurricane Ike. That sucked and frankly it still does. Everyone is alright and we kept our windows, but lost our power and water. A lot of our friends got hit a lot worse. My wife missed the disaster completely due to a serendipitously timed trip to her parents in CA. I rode out the storm at campus - a story for another time.